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Scores, with full licensing rights, cost $35 (AUD) for choirs with up to fifty participants and $50 for choirs with over fifty participants. Please contact me if you have a choir with over 100 participants - massed choir rates are available.

Backing tracks for most compositions are available for $10.

Please email me to purchase scores or backing tracks.


Brand New

There's a Mouse!  SA or Unison

What shall we do with the cheeky and very sneaky mouse that's nibbling all the food in our house?

This catchy and relatable song features nibbling sounds, simple harmonies, and a piano accompaniment that sounds just like a mouse running around the house.  There's a Mouse! is sure to be a favourite song with children and audiences alike.

A Song on the Breeze  SA or Unison

Inspired by a holiday in the beautiful Bunya Mountains, this song captures the beauty of the sounds of nature which are carried on a gentle breeze.  With soaring melodies and expressive lyrics, this piece is perfect for performances and competitions.

Curlew Simple SSA or SA

Through clever use of canons, this song captures the haunting and sorrowful song of the Curlew bird. Curlew is a simple, quick-learn piece which will leave audience members mesmerised.

The Blue Thief SA or Unison

There's red pegs, yellow pegs and white pegs on the clothesline but who keeps stealing all the blue pegs?  The Blue Thief (Bowerbird), of course! 

This jazz song features peg percussion and simple two-part singing perfect for young singers. 

Walking Down the Street Collection Unison 

This collection of five simple unison pieces focusses on different values. The five pieces are great for singing on junior assemblies, in music classrooms, or at choral concerts.

I Must Clean My Room  Simple SA or Unison

I know I need to clean my room but...

This humorous song about a familiar household problem is sure to delight singers and audiences alike.  With it's accessible harmonies, catchy lyrics, lively piano accompaniment and optional actions it will be a favourite performance piece, and a piece that will be sung at home over and over again!

Free the Music SA or Unison

What would happen if the music-box dancer freed the music inside her? What would happen if the puppet freed his song?  This song asks each one of us to consider freeing the music inside our hearts. With optional actions, and percussion parts, this song is a wonderful performance piece with an important message to be shared with people of all ages.

Hay Is A-Coming SSA  

This song was composed after the devastating droughts of 2018.  It captures the resilience of the farmers, and also the hope, and the joy felt when convoys of trucks delivered hay bales to affected farming communities. 

The Great Emu War SA

This is a great Aussie yarn that children love to sing and audiences are captivated with.  Who won the Great Emu War of 1932 - the unpredictable emus or the battle-ready soldiers?  

A Beautiful Sparkling Diamond SA

(Received 3rd Place in the ANCA Choral Composition Competition, 2019)

This song is based, very loosely, on a true story about an ant who

tried to steal a diamond.  It has engaging and comical lyrics that are brought to life by the changing time-signatures, the well-crafted melodic

and harmonic phrases, and by the piano accompaniment.

The Gnomes in my Garden SA

The gnomes in my garden get up to lots of mischief at night!  This jazz 

song is sure to be a favourite with children's choirs and audiences.  

A Barnyard Lullaby Unison  A Traditional Song 

The day is almost over, there is darkness in the sky.

The  animals are weary, it's time for a lullaby.

Rubber Ducks  SA

Based on a true story, this song is about the 28,000 rubber ducks that fell off a container ship during a storm, in 1992.  I wonder where the ducks will float to on their great ocean adventure?


Wise Old Owl SA

A simple arrangement of a beautiful

folk song.  Perfect for young choirs starting  out with part work.

A Parcel of Care Unison  

A simple and touching song for young children about

putting together a parcel of care for a loved one serving overseas

in the war. 

Caught in a Computer Game SA

What happens when a child gets caught in a computer game?

One thing is for sure - their life will never be the same!

Bubble Dubble Doo Dat  SA (A Jazz Song)

Goldilocks sat down in my chair,

Wanting a new look for her hair,

Something stylish, something very sweet.

Something good enough for her to eat.

I'll create a masterpiece, a masterpiece with her hair

I'll create a new look with tenderness and care. 

Sandcastle Underneath the Sea SA/SSA

Dedicated to the Amazing Japanese puffer fish.

Underneath the sea where no-one can see,

Puffer fish begins his masterpiece.

With his flapping fins he plows through the sand.

Working on his most elaborate plan.

A Sandcastle underneath the sea....

Over in the Meadow: A simple SA song

A beautiful arrangement of this traditional song-

perfect for young choirs. 

Tiny Bubbles SA or Unison

When I'm feeling all alone,

When I don't know what to do

I blow some bubbles, some tiny bubbles

And I don't feel so blue.

Tiny bubbles floating through the air,

Not a worry, not a care.

As I watch those tiny bubbles fly,

My spirit's are lifted high,

Oh Bubbles......

Teddy Bear SA

I have a teddy that's oh, so soft.

Oh so soft from his head down to his toes.

I have a teddy with small blue eyes.

Small blue eyes and a button nose.

The Cactus SA

Some say that I am spiky

Some say that I am harsh

Some say that I belong in a hostile environment.

Some say that I am dangerous

Some say that I lack beauty

Some say that I don't belong with all the other flowers.

Mother Dearest Unison/SA with Canon

A song for all the mothers who have the special knack

of finding lost things.

Umbrella SSA

Dedicated to Brisbane's Umbrella lady -Alicia Mora-Hyde

There's a lady who makes umbrellas

Each umbrella is a work of art.

She'll look into your eyes, she'll look into your heart

And design an umbrella perfect for you.

It's Time to Shear the Sheep/

Baa Black Sheep      SA Partner Song

It's time to shear the sheep

Baa diddle, diddle, diddle dee,

The finest sheep you e'er did see.

Baa diddle, diddle, diddle, dee.

The Fern Unison/SA

In the quiet, in the shadows, you were waiting.

In the quiet, in the shadows, you were waiting to unfurl.

Waiting to unfurl your green feathers.

Waiting to unfurl your wings of delicate lace.

Waiting, waiting to unfurl your beauty.

Shoo Fly!     SA Partner Song

It was a lovely day for a picnic,

a picnic by the lake,

my basket full to the very top

with sausages and steak.

But then I heard a sound

and it filled me with dread.

Bzzzzzzzzzzz A fly!

Shoo Fly don't bother me!

Detectives in Disguise Unison/SA

We are secret agents, detectives in disguise.

Solving crimes and mysteries, sorting truth from lies.

We may look like ordinary folk but do not be deceived.

We unlock deep secrets, too shocking to be believed.


Baltic  SA

This song, based on a true story, is about

a black dog that travelled seventy miles down a river

and out to sea on an icefloe.  After many attempts

it was finally rescued from the Baltic Sea by some fishermen.

Grandmother's Blanket  Unison and SA

Grandmother knitted a blanket,

Each stitch was knitted with love,

Grandmother gave me that blanket,

Mem'ries of her life and love.

Fly Little Birdie SSA and SA

Every morning you wake me,

Wake me with beautiful melodies,

Now you must leave, fly o'er the seas.

Please come home safely to me.


The Quest SA (with body percussion and stick fighting!)

We may be young.  We may be small.

We may lack knowledge and we may lack strength.

But we have been chosen

Yes, we are the ones!

We're the ones that will go on the quest.


Little Bonsai Tree SA  
Day by day I shape your branches,
You whisper to me....
Words of wisdom, proverbs and dreams,
tales from the old men,
forgotten memories
Words of wisdom, proverbs and dreams,
you whisper, you whisper to me.


Minibeast Perspectives 


Cockroaches!  Unison, SA and SSA 

We all know that humans dislike cockroaches but have you ever wondered what cockroaches think of humans? 


Spinning Spinning  Unison, SA and SSA 

(also available in E minor)

Creator of beautiful lines. Creator of threads divine.

Creator of jewells suspended in the sky,

I'm a spider.


I'm a Moth  SA and SSA 

I'm a moth, I'm rejected!  I'm a moth, I'm neglected!

I'm a moth, I'm misunderstood.

I'm a moth, I'm ignored! I'm a moth, never adored!

I'm a moth, moth, moth!


Defender of the Rose  Unison, SA and SSA  

Many people say I'm a pretty little insect,

A pretty little insect, covered in spots.

But I am more that just an insect with spots,

I'm the defender of the rose!


Slowly I Slide:  A Snail Song  Unison and SA with 3 part canon.  

I see the dew drops nestled on the blades of grass,

They shimmer and they sparkle as I slide past.

The flowers blush as they are touched by dawn's golden rays

And I am filled with awe, as I slide.


A Cicada Song  SA 

A Body Percussion Song

Summer is here and it's time to sing,

time to dance, time to party!

Play your tymbals and join with us

singing a cicada song.



Jazz Songs


There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe  SA

An entertaining song about lots of mischievous children and the poor old woman who lived in a shoe.
Jennie Jenkins: A Folk Song.  SA   
What will Jennie Jenkins wear to the party?
Green? No, it's the colour of a bean.  
Red?  No, it won't match her head.  
A lively jazz song full of rhymes and nonsense words.
Folk Songs
All the Pretty Little Horses:  A Folk Song  SA   
An acapella arrangement of a well loved lullaby.
Wade in the Water - A Folk Song  SA with piano  FREE
Out in the Bush:  An Aussie folk Song     FREE
My Aunt Came Back:  An Aussie folk song    FREE



Innocent Victims of War Series
Innocent Victims of War
All around the world, battles are being fought.   Countries battle to gain land and territory. Rulers battle over resources, power and control.  Family members battle to be heard. All around the world, battles are being fought but while the battles rage, does anyone remember the children, the innocent victims of war?
Your Song
This song was composed as part of a series of songs dedicated to children living in  war-torn countries.  These children have seen and lived through events that no-one should have to experience and yet, even though they've lost their freedom, their childhood and their innocence, they still find joy in singing.  What begins as a whisper of hope for one child grows to be a powerful song of hope for many.
Suitable for high school choirs.


Songs for Special Occasions 


Like a Snowflake: A Graduation Song  SA

Like a snowflake leaves the cloud and floats through the sky,

We will leave this school and we will fly,

We will fly into the future, fly to dreams unknown,

Like a snowflake, we will fly.


Four Little Words:  A Simple Christmas Song SA

Four little words at Christmas time - Love, Joy, Peace and Hope.


No Room:  A Christmas Song  Unison and SA


Other Songs
I Dream a Little Dream  Unison, SA and SSA  
When I close my eyes at night, I dream a little dream for you.....
Oh, Sleeping Beauty   Unison 
Before you fell asleep there was beauty all around.
Birds would fill the air with their melodic sounds
They'd swoop and glide and tumble turn
without the slightest care.
Rev'ling in the pleasure of clean, fresh air.
But while you've been asleep everything has changed.....
Suitable for upper primary and high school choirs.
A Kiss: The Princess and the Frog  Unison, SA and SSA
A fun song about the Princess, the frog and the kiss that changed everything. 
Warm-ups and Canons
I'm an Anteater who Can't Eat Ants!  Canon and Partner song FREE
Based on a true story of Matilda, an anteater who can't eat ants!
All the Fun at the Fair/Oh Dear  FREE
A Partner Song 
Soggy Moggy:  Canon and Partner song FREE
Based on the true story of Miffy the Cat who survived
a wash in the washing machine.

There were three in the bed /I put my Ted in bed:  FREE

Canon and Partner Song

Wallaby-a-Hopping  FREE

Based on a true story

Oh Sun/Rain Rain Go Away  FREE

Wake up You Sleepy Head/ FREE
I Woke up in the Morning
Can be sung as a canon or as a partner song.
Bats  FREE
Sunset and the bats begin to fly,
Black wings flapping through the orange sky.
Hear their cry, hear their cry,
"The feast begins at midnight".
A Brand New Melody FREE
Add in some bird whistles and this becomes an
easy to learn perforance piece.
A Joyful Song  FREE
This song works really well as a massed piece.

Timothy the Tiger FREE

Why Do I Always Have to Stand Still?  FREE
Works well as a canon or a partner song with 
Wiggle in my feet.
Wiggle in My Feet  FREE
Works well as a canon or a partner song with 
Wiggle in my feet.
With The Beat  FREE
This song works really well as a massed piece.
There's a Black Cat FREE
A fun canon about a naughty cat from New Zealand
Mrs Ming  FREE
A warm-up with a focus on resonant singing.
Mama Likes to Make Macaroni FREE
Sing as a canon or as a song with ostinato
The Prince and The Horse  FREE
Sing as a 2 part canon, with optional ostinato and descant parts.

Caught in a Computer Game -
00:00 / 00:00
Bubble Dubble Doo Dat -
00:00 / 00:00
Over in the Meadow -
00:00 / 00:00
Baltic - GRIPPS combined primary choir
00:00 / 00:00
Grandmother's Blanket - The Gap State School Junior
00:00 / 00:00
Fly Little Birdie - GRIPPS primary combined choir
00:00 / 00:00
With The Beat - GRIPPS primary choir
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